Shmuel Lemann

Rabbi Emeritus

Moshe Faskowitz


Howard Kohn

First Vice President
Menachem Rosenberg

Second Vice President
Joshua Klapper

Vice President Cemeteries
Steven Konigsberg

Barry Rosen

Burt Blass

Zev Feldstein
Stanley Hyman
Howard Neiman
Louis Perlman
Martin Schnur
Alan Walz
David Boord z"l(Hon.)
Morris Fishman z"l(Hon.)


This Week

Shabbos Vayikra

March 15

 Candle Lighting: 6:44PM

Mincha:             6:50  PM
Shachris:        9:00 AM
Mincha            6:35 PM
Maariv:           7:48 PM




Week of March 17, 6:55PM

Week of March 24, 7:00PM

Week of March 31, 7:10PM

Weekday Minyanim

Sunday:7:30 AM & 8:30 AM
Monday, Thursday: 6:35 AM
Tues., Wed., Fri.: 6:45 AM
Rosh Chodesh: 6:25 AM
Legal Holiday: 8:00 AM
Chanukah: 6:35 AM
Fast Days: 6:25 AM
Chol HaMoed: 6:25 AM






1. Rabbi Lemann will give a Shiur  " The Lesson of Parshas Zachor; Don’t just Show Up On Game Day"  at Shalosh Seudos, sponsored by Pessie and Moishe Wargon in gratitude to Hashem for birth of granddaughter Aliza Devorah born to their children Dr. Tova and Judah Plaut.  

2. Rabbi Lemann will give Special Purim themed Shiur on Sunday at 8AM.

 3. Wednesday, Taanis Esther, Fast starts 5:47AM. Shacharis at 6:25AM. Mincha at 6:40PM, Maariv/Megilla at 7:25PM. Fast ends at 7:52PM.

 4.  No masks of any sort will be permitted to be worn by any adults or teenagers, prior to being screened and entering the building.  No toy guns or similar weapons will be permitted into the shul by anyone (regardless of age).


5. Pick up Shaloch Manot baskets after Megillah.

6. Thursday, Purim, 1st Shacharis at 6AM. Megillah at 6:30AM. 2nd Shacharis at 9:00AM. Megillah at 9:30AM. Mincha/Maariv at 6:55PM.

 7.  Please  send in your reservations for the TCH 38th Anniversary Celebration Banquet and Siyum, Shabbos April 13th (Shabbos Hagodol) for Honoring Pessie and Moishe Wargon.

8. Rally To Stand Up For The Jewish People! Speak Out Against Anti-Semitism. This Sunday, March 17 2019 | 10 Adar II 5779, 1:00 pm Rain or Shine.  Vleigh Place Library in Kew Gardens Hills. Noted Elected Officials and Religious Leaders to Speak.

9. The next monthly Kiddush will be April 6th. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the monthly Kiddush please contact Howie Kohn or Barry Rosen.

10. We would like to thank our CSS members and volunteers for giving of their time to protect our shul.